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Futures Ahead was born out of necessity.

We saw a gap in the market place for a recruitment agency of real quality, one that provides standards not generally seen in this sector.

At Futures Ahead we believe things can be better. With over 25 years of experience within us, we are more than qualified to deliver the honest, innovative solutions you want.
We do our job by facilitating the bringing together of candidates and clients resulting in the best possible outcome.  We ensure that the recruitment experience is enriching for all stake holders by taking the time to thoroughly comprehend your business and it’s culture along with the job profile and your individual preferences.  We are acutely aware of the time constraints that all the stakeholders face.  Therefore we are fastidious in our short-listing process to ensure that candidates presented match your exact brief. 

Obtaining a thorough brief from the client, understanding the culture, building relationships with a long term view, detailed briefing of candidates before being sent for an interview are the fundamentals of good and professional recruitment practice. Futures Ahead hold in high esteem these fundamentals in our endeavor to raise standards in the recruitment sector. We are in the business of increasing productivity through people and we take that role very seriously.

A commitment to partnering your business

There is more to an effective partnership than expertise and resources.

As a client, you will be able to delegate your strategic recruitment objectives to Futures Ahead, confident that we will scrupulously compete in the marketplace on your behalf, in the midst of competition.

We can assist in all aspects of Recruitment. We can save time and resources and assure a quality outcome and, most of all, develop and nurture a long-term relationship with both candidates and clients. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, empathy and our desire to ensure an optimum outcome. We apply these principles to both clients and candidates.

Our Market Position

We operate across all market sectors. Our skills and expertise lie in sourcing and evaluating people who either manage other people, manage customer or client relationships, or have some special personal qualities that may be difficult to identify or attract.

We operate across all areas of business and industry. Our expertise and the professional management of our business enables us help you have an edge over your competitors. 


Our main office is located in Mumbai however Futures Ahead will and can undertake work on a National and International basis.


Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations on every assignment they entrust to us. We believe our clients measure our service, not us.

Futures Ahead
Mumbai , India,
Tele : 8767307559 / 8767267559